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IAOPís Outsourcing Predictions for 2013

by: Sarah Joson

Wednesday, November 7, 2012 | Outsourcing News |

A lot has happened this year for the outsourcing industry. With fluctuating economies and different business climates and political environments, shifts in the outsourcing market were seen as well as mergers and acquisitions.

The International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) released the sixth instalment of their annual outsourcing trend predictions at Marketwatch.com.  The organization believes that 2013 will be eventful as buyers will be more cautious in transactions and relationships and opportunities will increase. 

Some of the highlights included in the 2013 outsourcing predictions are the upsurge of nearshore operations, and offshore operations are anticipated to slowdown. Moreover, emerging countries will see the domestic markets mature.

Other key drivers anticipated to influence the segment are corporate social responsibility (CSR) and impact sourcing, nearshore and onshore destinations, professional certifications, and data protection and other IT solutions.

Top outsourcing trends for 2013

The top outsourcing trends for 2013 are:
Local Providers - Amidst the continuous economic slowdown and tax issues, the US government is working on programs that will improve demand for local sourcing.

Data and Information Collection
- Proper collection and analysis of data will be vital as business process outsourcing (BPO) businesses become classified as provider of common goods or services.

Substitute Source for Energy - As the cost of power is still on the rise and power disruptions are unpredictable, service providers that house large data and telco centers try to find alternative sources of energy like solar and wind.

Digitized Advancements - Internet-based software like social media will influence the growth of outsourcing under different segments.

Data Protection - Data protection will still be an issue next year, which includes problems in the availability of systems, technology, and networks.

Aptly Skilled Employees - Talent and skill are still crucial factors for the success of an operation.

Corporate Social Responsibility - Providers will focus more on impact sourcing or the effort to promote fair wages and labor practices, eco-friendliness while gathering support from locals, and working on a sustainable operation.

Real Deal Partnerships - More buying and selling activity will be seen in the coming year.

Advanced Control and Governance - Part of the risk management strategies of firms will include proper governance of operations.

Compliance with Industry Standards - Provisions regarding legal, financial risks will still be stipulated by the government. They will ensure that providers as well as clients are complying with the regulations of the government.

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