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How to Thank Your Influencers

by: Finella Kristle Panlilio

Monday, December 1, 2014 |

Influencers are your best brand advocates as well as your best customers. It only makes sense to thank them for that. Doing so will strengthen their sentiments about you and inspire them to continue sharing your brand and content with others.

Here are three ways to thank your influencers:

1. Give them early access to a new product or service.
Sneak peeks and VIP passes are sure-fire ways to warm even the grinchiest of hearts. This gift will be enjoyed by your influencers enough to create and share content about it.

2. Invite them to an exclusive event.
Nothing makes influencers feel special more than an invite to an invitation-only event. Have notable speakers or musical artists present during the event and encourage influencers to share their experiences online.

3. Send a personalized, printed holiday greeting.
In an age when practically everything is done digitally, "snail mail" will definitely stand out. Your influencers will treasure the extra time and effort you put into writing and sending the cards.

Invest in your influencers to build a successful influencer relations program. This is a basic PR principle: nurture your relationships with your influencers to see your program bloom and grow.


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