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How to Increase Profit with Outsourcing

by: Sarah Joson

Monday, November 18, 2013 | Outsourcing News |

Some entrepreneurs and executives must wear different hats to run a business properly. Their tasks can range from basic administrative work to complex processes such as strategy implementation. One of the common solutions used by business owners is hiring consultants who will help them design and monitor groundbreaking plans. However, there are other more economical ways for executives to drive growth and streamline processes and one of those is through the outsourcing delivery model.

A business owner may have a background in management or finance, but what if they need a website or software to make marketing and selling easier?

Below are some of the processes that can be improved and outsourced as posted in TheGuardian.com:

Bookkeeping and Finance
Operations that are related to accounting are now processed using advanced software. But the latest trend in the industry would be hosted accounting packages wherein remote accountants are assigned to monitor and manually make corrections on a company’s accounts. Moreover, since it can be accessed by the client and service provider, the risks of having someone intercept sensitive data are minimized.

Some believe that the way a business treats their customers depicts their success. Most of the companies that excel in customer service are usually the ones experiencing more growth and success. By trying to keep up with the trends and demand in the market, businesses can address the needs of the customers.

For instance, most of your customers are connected to the internet through their mobile devices. So for your company to become more accessible, you can create a live chat feature or a mobile app that can cater to the needs of the clients, and even potential customers.

Cloud Integration
There comes a point when businesses would have amassed a large volume of data. To save on space and server maintenance expenses, executives can monitor and store data using cloud-based tools. Cloud service providers have their own team that can manage your data for you.

Small Projects
Short-term projects or the ones that do not need full-time employees can be outsourced to freelancers - even offshore where labor costs are relatively lower. Business owners can use online tools such as oDesk or the services of a business process outsourcing company that will handle the project on their behalf.

Another advantage of outsourcing is it can be scalable so clients can increase and reduce the size of their team based on the requirements of their project.

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