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How to Boost Engagement on Facebook

by: Finella Kristle Panlilio

Wednesday, April 22, 2015 |

Small businesses are owning Facebook more than ever before. If you’re lagging behind and wondering how else to improve engagement and drive sales on Facebook, look no further! This article contains a list of what's working for small businesses in their posts that may work for you as well.

What businesses need to boost engagement on Facebook

1. Great Visual Content
Great visual content appeals to readers. Get creative. Most companies use their Facebook posts to drive sales, but they’re not lacking in entertainment as they incorporate fun ideas to mobilize their audience and invite them to be part of something special - like an exclusive community with offers of good deals on your products or services.

2. Facebook Party
Hold a fun Facebook party with gift certificates and discounts as giveaways to people who engage with each post. Use high engagement media like videos and images. Don’t forget to include tips or other educational content in your posts for extra engagement.

3. Personality
Who’s behind your brand? Show your audience the humans behind the brand they love; share a photo of the founder on a regular day, or photos of what the employees do backstage. Don’t hesitate to tag other brands appearing in your posts - using tagging and hashtags gets your posts more visibility.

4. Humor
People enjoy a good laugh. Inject clean humor that’s part of your brand in your posts (especially those that are text-only) for great engagement.

5. Fun
Writers sometimes wonder what to post about on Facebook. Just use the platform as it was originally intended: a social site where you let people know what you’re doing. Don’t be afraid to get personal or share things that you find funny. What’s important is that you’re having fun and sharing it with everyone.

6. Responsiveness
When you respond to comments quickly, you get more engagement with your posts. Make it a habit.

7. Facebook Event
Take advantage of Facebook events to engage and connect with your audience. If you have events on Facebook, re-share them and post in the events to get more visibility and encourage people to join them. Participate in fun trends like Throwback Thursday or Caturday. Ask your fans to share pictures in your posts or on your page to get more engagement.

8. Page and Profile
Post to both your Facebook page and personal profile to market your business. Posting about your business on your personal profile gives you extra traction if you’re already connected with people in the same industry as yours. Also, occasionally sharing your business page posts on your profile extends your reach.

9. Videos
Videos are now huge on Facebook. Use videos effectively on your page by having a featured video and regular quick videos to get a lot of views and engagement.

10. Great Local Content
Creating content takes time, but it can be a huge driver for awareness and new customers. Go a step further on your website and tell people to post directly to your Facebook page if they have something to add. This gives your website visitors a reason to check out your Facebook page, too.

11. Behind the Scenes
Apart from getting personal on Facebook, giving your community a sneak peek at something no one else can see is a great tactic.


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