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How to Be One of the Top Brands in Social Media

by: Finella Kristle Panlilio

Thursday, April 16, 2015 |

Winning Habits of Top Brands in Social Media

Social media's top brands are those whose social media accounts are deemed smart and funny by potential customers, and are good conversationalists that actually listen to their needs. They are focused on content in their marketing and advertising campaigns. What else do these brands have in common? Here are the winning habits of a top brand in social media:

Invests in Facebook
Brands like McDonald’s, Coca Cola, and Red Bull have over 40 million Facebook fans each. These top brands have invested heavily on Facebook by publishing updates regularly, posting and sharing interesting and relevant content, and creating a variety of calls to action (CTAs).

Remembers different platforms = different content
There’s nothing wrong with sharing duplicate content across all your social media profiles, but familiarity breeds contempt. Top brands in social media produce original content appropriate for every platform and avoid posting the same content in every social network.

Schedules posts consistently
Posting randomly in social media is a thing of the past. Today, corporate advertising accounts post consistently and with purpose. LinkedIn, Google+, and Facebook all offer content calendars for automatic scheduling of posts in an orderly manner that won’t irritate potential customers or let them forget about the product or service.

Tracks social media ROI
Top brands run online ad campaigns with frugality. To avoid wasting their budget and to know if they're making a good marketing investment, they use online tools like Buffer and Sprout Social to track social media ROI. These tools can give you an understanding of how your marketing campaign is doing on all major social media sites.

Focuses on decision makers
Make sure that your advertising campaign reaches decision makers - whether these are consumers or corporate. Networking possibilities in social media are endless. A good way to reach a wide market with disposable income and the power to make spending decisions is to have your CEO's LinkedIn profile complete and backed with recommendations.

Gets visual with Instagram
People like Instagram because it's a quick way to share experiences on a daily basis. Top brands offer photo contests on this platform and condense their product or service into 15-second videos.

Stays mobile-friendly
Top brands aiming at a younger demographic know that mobile app Snapchat is one of their growing obsessions - a reminder to old-school marketers that mobile devices capture a good share of the social media traffic right now. Tap into the popular mobile app and come up with creative 1- to 10-second video ideas for a chance to go viral. Viral videos beget shares, shares beget traffic, and traffic begets sales.

Stays on current trends
The people behind Friskies Cat Food have created authentic social buzz with their Grumpy Cat meme, and celebrities are made on Vine - just look at Jerome Jarre. Keep up with which social media venues are growing in influence and aim to create viral and great ad campaigns.


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