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How Social Media is Changing the Business Landscape

by: Sarah Joson

Friday, August 30, 2013 | Outsourcing News |

There are several uses for social media. For the common internet user, it is utilized as the name suggests which is to socialize. However, for businesses, it is a great way to increase presence online, broaden their market, and deliver customer support at a more personal level.

It is mainly used as a marketing tool, to get ahead of the competitors, and create a better means of engaging and communicating with consumers.

Small to mid-sized organizations often struggle in implementing strategies because they lack the resources to do so. Keep in mind that social media is accessible to anybody who is connected to the internet at any time of the day. So if comments and questions on a company’s social media account are unanswered or ignored, it could create a negative impact on the image of a brand. For instance, a follower posted a question about the product or your services, if he/she feels ignored, the follower may lose interest and move on to another brand. Keep in mind that followers are the ones fuelling your campaign, the more your content is shared and the more you are talked about amongst the users, the more your campaign will be successful.

Social media outsourcing as a business solution

An article posted at Business2Community.com talks about a solution that is easy to implement and has been deemed effective, especially for organizations that are trying to cut costs or maximize their budget, and that solution is outsourcing.

Social media outsourcing
can enable businesses to access experts in the field. Moreover, if the process is done to a destination with a different time zone, it can be used to resolve schedule issues.

A business shouldn’t be out of the loop.
Because the use of mobile technology is continuously growing, different social media platforms have come about to cater to various types of users. Naturally, brands wanted to get the most out of what these tools have to offer, which is why it is harder to create a unique identity that can influence users.

Use data from the users to create marketing campaigns.

Businesses can collect data from the users by looking at their interests or which products and brands they usually follow as long as they are not breaching the privacy of consumers. For example, they can set apart their followers according to the restaurants that their users are following or are a fan of, and then they can incorporate their findings to their next campaign like a tie-up with a certain restaurant, etc.

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