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Going Mobile: Create an App or Develop a Mobile-Friendly Website?

by: Finella Kristle Panlilio

Tuesday, January 28, 2014 |

One of the things your business should have to gain leverage in today's market is mobile presence. Customers today are always on the move and they are opening mobile applications when they use their phones, tablets, and other mobile devices. By opening these mobile apps, customers are granted easy access to the information they need.

Now that your customers are using their mobile devices to connect with businesses, it is important to make a good impression and be properly set up to meet their needs. And as mobile apps help small and large businesses get and retain customers, business owners have to decide on the type of approach they should delve into for their mobile presence.

Which type of approach should you delve into for your business' mobile presence?

BusinessNewsDaily lists five steps to take when choosing which way to go.

1. Does your product use a phone feature such as accelerometer, GPS, contacts or push notifications? If not, then a mobile app isn't necessary.
2. If your business is decided on taking advantage of the phone's capabilities, then consider your audience when designing a mobile app. You may need to choose just one platform, such as iOS or Android. Before doing so, conduct a market research about which devices your customers and target customers typically own.
3. If you think that your business does not need the phone's features, at least design a responsive site - a type of Web design that adjusts how it looks based on the device on which it is accessed. Most sites have a big mobile audience so you will not regret investing in a Web experience that is responsive.
4. When designing a responsive site, focus on what is most important and forget the rest. Be prepared for the site to appear uncoordinated in some devices. Again, it will help to do your research to find out which devices customers usually use to access your site.
5. Have a group of experts design the responsive site or app. Remember that mobile devices are about your big thumbs and big buttons, and thumbs do not have the same level of accuracy as a mouse. Avoid features like big company logos to rid your mobile-friendly site of clutter.

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