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From Print to Web: Challenges Faced by the Publishing Industry

by: Karen Cayamanda

Monday, November 9, 2009 |

Print Outsourcing to Solve Issues in Publishing Industry

At this age when almost everything goes digital, more and more people prefer making transactions online instead of the conventional method of pen and paper, and as it shows no signs of stopping, even the publishing industry is now compelled to go with this digital flow. However, the transition to digitized content proves to be very challenging for an industry that has depended for the longest time on print.

As the publishing industry forays into the digital world, publishers need to provide better content and offer something unique that will help them establish their brand online and eventually get steady revenues from the Web. The impact of the global economic crisis also adds up to the challenges being faced by the publishers. According to the paper entitled “Publishing: Driven by digital trends” from ValueNotes Outsourcing Weekly, the publishers have tried the trial and error method to overcome these challenges, and the way things are going, it is not clear if the industry can adapt to the transition.

To resolve existing problems, publishers can outsource in order to cut costs and/or increase revenues. The author of the paper explains that there is a difference in outsourcing as a cost-cutting measure and choosing to outsource due to the inability of the publisher to sustain. This means good news for service providers which offer a variety of services that publishers need - copywriting, editing, proofreading, graphic design, etc. However, there are also challenges on their end. For instance, content can obviously be outsourced, but can service providers meet the content influx? Another factor to consider is the vendors' sustainability. Unfortunately, most say they can deliver way more than what they are capable of. Can they keep up with the demand of the industry?

Overcoming the challenges faced by the publishing industry will depend on the sustainability of the publisher and of the service provider should the former decide to outsource some of its business processes. If both parties manage to keep up then the dilemma of the industry will be resolved.

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