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Finding the Right Cloud Services Provider

by: Sarah Joson

Tuesday, June 11, 2013 | Outsourcing News |

Cloud Services Provider

The cloud is one of the latest tools used by businesses everywhere. It enables multinational companies to manage and store data efficiently and reduce brick and mortar storage costs - even risks.

Since it is a fairly new concept and most cloud vendors are overselling their services, these tips shared by ISG Principal Consultant Scott Feuless at info.ISG-One.com can help business owners properly evaluate and select the right cloud services provider.

Weigh costs vs. your business’ needs. It is a known fact that cost is one of the major reasons businesses tie up with service providers. Before looking at the offerings of cloud services providers, make a list of what your business needs and the reasons you need them. Compare the prices to all the options available in the market, even in-house, and include periodical processes such as hardware upgrade, and initial costs like transition.

They should be flexible enough to handle changes.
Sooner or later, the current trends in cloud technology will no longer be applicable to your business because everything, even the market, is constantly changing. Your budget should have a margin for sudden modifications to accommodate the demand of your customers.

What do past customers say about them?
Not all large and tenured providers will be compatible to your business. To gauge the strengths and weaknesses of your prospects, review their track record for at least the past five years. Also, use in-house data as you go over the contracts.

How secure is their system? Providers are usually tending multiple customers at a time and any mishap can cause your business’ data to be exposed and exploited. See to it that the security measures of your chosen provider comply with industry standards, or are more substantial than others. They are prone to be attacked more because they house multiple data from numerous clients.

Consider the longevity of your partnership. Always look at the possibility of switching providers or termination of your cloud outsourcing contract. Make a contingency plan in case it happens a little earlier than you expected. Also, get your development team involved so you would know which areas of the contracts and strategies you should look into, and which of your products will be affected.

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