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E-commerce: Tips for Outsourcing Customer Support

by: Sidney Liquigan

Tuesday, February 5, 2019 |

For an e-commerce store, customer feedback and loyalty play a big part in its success. Customers who are satisfied with their experience with an e-commerce store, not just with its products but also its customer service, could become repeat customers and bring in new referrals as well. Outsourcing customer support has become a business strategy that allows e-commerce stores to entrust their customer support tasks to a team of skilled customer support agents while the company focuses on growing the business.

To outsource your customer support successfully and get the most out of it, here are the top best practices that e-commerce businesses should consider.

Identify the Methods or Channels You Need

While it will always be better to be easily accessible through at least the most common and popular channels of communication, some may not apply or be necessary to your type of business and your customers. Decide whether you would outsource voice-based customer support, email support, social media management, or chat support. Before, there were only call centers for voice-based accounts, but now there are outsourced contact centers that enable you to outsource multiple methods of customer support through a single provider.

Consider Operating Hours

Whether you only have local customers or have customers from different time zones, achieve customer service satisfaction by having a customer support team that's always available. Look for a customer support outsourcing partner that can host and manage 24/7 operations.

Prioritize English Proficiency

Being the universal language, it is important that your outsourced customer support team are fluent in English and have a very good command of the language, both verbal and written. Not only can a fluent English speaker assist English speaking customers successfully, but the chances of misunderstanding instructions and can be reduced. Choose an outsourcing location where you can hire employees with high English proficiency. The Philippines, a leading outsourcing destination, has a pool of talent who are highly educated, can fluently speak English in a neutral accent, and have a strong affinity to the Western culture.

Don't Compromise Quality

Generally, the option to outsource is a lot more cost effective than building an in-house customer team. However, remember to thoroughly review each of your potential outsourcing partner's proposal, pricing arrangement, and credentials. Make sure that you get value for your money. Choose a BPO firm with experience in managing an offshore customer support team. Your partner must also have good recruitment, screening, and onboarding processes in place to make sure that the candidates you are hiring have the right skills and experience. You could also collaborate with your outsourcing partner to develop and implement customer support training programs. Never settle with a provider with incomplete services just because you want to cut costs.

CRM Integration

Your CRM system helps you understand your customers more and come up with strategies on how you can effectively address their pain points and attend to their needs. Your customer support outsourcing partner should have the ability to manage your customer database and to seamlessly integrate your offshore customer support account's data into your existing CRM.


Because of the online nature of an e-commerce business, there is no physical store or office where customers can talk to representatives face to face. Customers' first point of contact will be your customer support team. Therefore, the pressure to provide world-class customer support is heavier for e-commerce businesses. Build your reputation and keep your customers happy by outsourcing your customer support to a dedicated, professional offshore customer support outsourcing provider. Contact MicroSourcing and let's talk about the best customer support solutions that are right for your e-commerce business.

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