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Customer Service on Social Media - Part 3

by: Finella Kristle Panlilio

Tuesday, June 17, 2014 |

Social Media Tone is Everything

The previous article, Customer Service on Social Media - Part 2, let us in on the reasons behind unanswered complaints on social media. Clearly, not all businesses have taken full advantage of social media customer care. But how about automated responses?
Tone Is Everything
All panelists agreed that when implementing social media customer care, canned responses are unacceptable. Responses must be personal, and it’s important to strike the right tone.
According to Mook, at Barclays, the challenge was shifting their tone of voice: talking to Apple customers in their tone; talking to NFL customers in their tone as well.
Buckridee said using the right tone requires continuous daily coaching and training. What could appear as a funny response to one customer may offend another, so you have to keep monitoring. Buckridee shared how her team might look at a customer’s social profiles before sending out a response. They try to make it look real-time, but they’re really doing a ton of research in the back.
Despite its challenges, social media customer care presents an enormous and growing opportunity for businesses to nurture strong customer relationships. But remember that it works both ways - you can’t expect your customers to keep engaging with your brand if you don’t respond. Make sure to maintain the engagement through the entire product life cycle, or someone else will.

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