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Commonly Outsourced Processes

by: Sarah Joson

Monday, August 13, 2012 | Outsourcing News |

There are numerous business functions that are being outsourced today. Business executives have reported that they subcontract processes that range from basic back office to high-valued technical functions.

Commonly outsourced processes by businesses

Apart from trying to stay competitive in a tough market, businesses are driven to outsource to cut overhead costs and align business goals.  Below are some of the processes that are commonly outsourced by businesses based in post-recession-stricken regions.

1. Transcription services - Transcription is procured for several reasons, but the industry that needs it the most is the field of medicine. Med students and practitioners are the ones who need accurate documentation of a certain procedure or presentation, which is why audio/video data are meticulously transcribed into a file.

2. Call center functions - A lot of renowned corporations outsource customer support as it often requires a lot of workers. Segments under this process are customer service and technical support. It is outsourced offshore to countries that have a large supply of English-speaking workers.

3. Payroll and bookkeeping - Nowadays, a lot of back office functions are being outsourced offshore - payroll and bookkeeping are examples of these. A lot of regions offer payroll and bookkeeping services at much lower rates compared to local ones, which is why companies use this to their advantage.  

4. Information Technology (IT) - Software development, application development, and web development are some of the disciplines under this category. IT services are highly sought after in more advanced countries, which is why in some cases, talent shortage and high labor costs become challenges for them which in turn fuel the need for information technology outsourcing.

5. Recruitment
- This function is often outsourced by large, multinational companies that often face a shortage in resources, have overhead issues, or have a sudden increase in positions that need to be filled immediately.

There are other processes that can be outsourced. The great thing is that no matter what business function companies need to outsource offshore, there are several delivery models that they can choose from, making outsourcing a much easier process to deal with.

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