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Call Center Services Thriving in APAC

by: Sarah Joson

Monday, June 24, 2013 | Outsourcing News |

APAC Call Center Industry

The latest industry analysis report from Frost & Sullivan was recently discussed at Biztech2.in.com. It was found that last year, the contact center market prospered and jobs in the segment grew 8.4 percent.  The current position of the contact center segment denotes the growth pattern of the Asia-Pacific region and will maintain the industry’s resilience.

In 2012, the segment employed more than 3.7 million agents and is projected to reach six million in the next seven years.

Strong demand from banking and finance (BFS) and telecommunications industries drives the growth of the call center outsourcing segment. It is also believed that APAC’s voice services sector will continue to post the highest growth globally.
According to Krishna Baidya, Research Manager at Frost & Sullivan, foreign investments fuelled the call center market in Asia-Pacific for many years and accounted for 39.6 of the market last year. She added that the low cost of operations and labor, language proficiency, infrastructure, and affinity to Western culture are the characteristics that make the APAC region an ideal location for voice-based processes. Local demand is seen growing as well, driven by the increasing focus on quality customer service.

Providers in the APAC region began improving customer service in 2012. Technology and new business models were used to design new strategies to achieve better selling points such as overall efficiency and cost advantages. Training programs are also included in capital investments for the refinement of the agents’ interpersonal skills and domain knowledge. 

Baidya noted that contact center companies are now focusing on implementation, management, consultation, and training of call center agents. They are now aiming to produce more high-quality agents to improve contact center services.

However, the segment is facing challenges such as anti-offshoring issues, market saturation, next wave outsourcing destinations, increasing attrition rate, inflation, and declining quality of services.

Baidya reiterated that cost is no longer the main focus of clients as they are now looking to a complete solution that will give them more return on investment.

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