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Boosting Your Business Sales Growth Through Call Center Outsourcing

by: Mary Christine Galang

Tuesday, June 6, 2017 |

One of the core principles of running your own business is to generate and sustain value. This is inarguably no easy feat, but as we live in a technology-driven world, companies come up with innovative methods on how to achieve profitable growth. In the last decade or so, the industry boom of call centers around the world, particularly in the Philippines – the top hub of business process outsourcing services – presented businesses with the option to hire specialized service providers at a lower cost.

Benefits of Outsourcing

The financial benefits of outsourcing have been proven to exceed the costs of hiring an in-house staff that will operate multiple communication channels to handle customer service. Outsourcing a call center cuts through the laborious process and saves from making hefty investments – simply put, lower overhead expenses. The time, energy, and cost that will otherwise be spent on a new facility, equipment, and network can be directed towards creating better business opportunities and looking for readily available talent.

Outsourcing is not only a cost-benefit strategy, it is also many things: customer satisfaction improvement, employing world-class talent, and introducing products and services that better target a market efficiently and faster than competitors. Forbes listed five strategic capabilities that companies use through capability-sourcing:

  • Tapping into global talent
  • Building partnerships that both capture value and reduce risk
  • Seizing new local market opportunities
  • Getting to the market faster and boost innovation
  • Disrupting traditional business models

One of the benefits of outsourcing is to hire highly experienced personnel, which means their expertise are able to generate leads that can potentially convert to sales. This makes client selection faster and more effective. As a result, more sales opportunities become more available.

Outsourcing also ensures great oversight of multiple clients. An example is the ‘shared-agent’ support (agents are shared with multiple clients) that distributes the call volumes equally; therefore lessening idle time and providing a lower cost-per-call rate for the client. During seasons or situations wherein an anticipated spike of call volumes demand for more manpower, outsourced call centers can address the demand easily. In addition, since agents are based on different parts of the globe, customers can reach a representative any time, any day.

Agents in outsourced call centers are specialist service providers, trained to handle a variety of customer products and services. Transitioning to a new client is easier and takes less time. Various engagement models are also available to measure costs per call, which allows for better management and tracking. Another incentive is the established quality control and monitoring that outsourced call centers have in place. This puts emphasis in a first-call resolution and quicker answer time.

As time goes on, outsourced call centers offer more higher-value services, covering more and newer industries that will need them. The opportunity for growth goes both ways, and will continue to expand.

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