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9 Ways Call Centers can Improve Customer Satisfaction

by: Sidney Liquigan

Tuesday, May 14, 2019 |

Call centers are dedicated to fulfilling customers' queries and making sure that they are resolved quickly and exceed the callers' expectations. Customer satisfaction relies not only on whether or not the problem was solved, but also on how the interaction between the customer and the agent transpired, along with other factors. How can call centers contribute to improving customer satisfaction?

Be more assertive and have presence of mind

Call center representatives receive training to get accustomed to the company, products or services, and the types of queries they would handle. While they are trained to stick to a script, there will be unpredictable circumstances. Call center representatives must be trained well to be assertive and have presence of mind. These skills will give them the confidence to take charge of the situation and give the customers assurance.

Reduce waiting time

Review your processes and identify what usually causes the call waiting time to take longer. It could be that some of the agents need to be retrained, a part of your process that needs to be streamlined, or some of your systems or technology need to be upgraded.

Be more accessible

A way to reduce call waiting time is to become more accessible to customers. This could mean hiring additional call center representatives, especially during peak seasons, or adding more communication channels to complement the voice calls. For example, if the call center is handling applications or claims, it would be more convenient to have online forms available for the customer to fill out and submit. The call center representative will then only have to call the customer to ask for additional information or to update him or her on the application or claim status. If you have international customers, you could try extending your operation hours to match their time zones.

Spot weaknesses and address areas of improvement

Review customer calls and see how the call center representatives are handling the customers. Find out the reasons for customer dissatisfaction and implement ways to improve them. Keep the call center team up-to-date with the latest policies, tips, and best practices so they could continue to improve their skills and keep them motivated. Perform regular appraisals to assess their performance and provide advice and additional training as needed.

Nurture a conducive environment

Call centers can be hectic, and so it is important that the agents are given time to take a break and unwind. A comfortable working environment can help them reinvigorate, like having a space for mini-breaks. Fun team building activities can also help boost their motivation.

Have the right resources and tools

Help your call center agents serve the customers better by providing them with the right tools and facilities to be able to do their job well. Look into doing some upgrades or introducing new technology that will allow for faster and more streamlined service.

Ask for feedback and act on it

Take advantage of the power of the internet to engage customers and encourage them to give their feedback on your call center service. Look into forums and social media to see what your customers think about your service. The comments section is also a good place to start. Additionally, you can also start a thread or a single place where customers can post or send their reviews and testimonials.

Be more attentive and empathic

To understand your customer, put yourself in their shoes. Treat them how you would want to be treated if you were the customer. Having empathy and being attentive to the customers can make them feel more comfortable and confident that you can address their concerns effectively. It can also help alleviate the tension, if any.


If you think you need more time and money to do all these, then you should consider outsourcing your call center services to offshore providers. Outsourcing your call center services allows you to delegate the tasks to a more capable team at lower costs. With the right resources and infrastructure to do the job effectively, not only can you save time and money, customer satisfaction will improve too.

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