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6 Factors to Consider Before Outsourcing Development

by: Sidney Liquigan

Tuesday, December 5, 2017 |

Outsourcing parts of your business functions can significantly improve productivity and efficiency, as well as reduce costs. According to a research by IBM, companies outsource to cut costs (27%), for innovation (36%), and for growth (37%), making outsourcing part of their business plan as a tool for optimizing their businesses and more than just as a way to get affordable deals.

One of the most common jobs that startups, small- and medium-sized businesses, and big companies alike outsource is development. This can involve web development, software development, or app development.

Before outsourcing development

Depending on the nature of your business, and depending on what role development plays in your goals, it can be a crucial aspect to outsource. Before outsourcing development, it is important that you know the important factors to consider.

Choosing the right outsourcing provider

Once you have chosen the right outsourcing provider that has the skills and resources to perform the job, everything will fall into place. So it is important to have that part carefully planned. It is ideal to have more than one potential partner and conduct due diligence on each candidate. Consider their respective pros and cons to help you decide the best development service to go with.

Keeping up to date with technology

Continuous advances in technology mean standards also change and become more demanding. Make sure that your developer uses the latest tools to make the developed app, software, or website more optimized and the development processes more efficient. Your developer should also always adhere to the latest technology standards to ensure that your project never goes outdated. These standards generally include having a responsive design and a mobile-friendly interface.

Constant communication

When you work with others, especially with offshore outsourcing companies, communication is a critical part of the process. Development projects are purely technical, so there should be a guarantee that you have seamless communication with your developer even after the project has been completed. It is likely that your outsourcing partner is in another time zone; be aware of the time zone difference and set up a plan on how both parties can communicate more effectively.

Protecting your intellectual property and legal rights

Be aware of the legal considerations that come with outsourcing development. Protect your business and secure your intellectual property by creating limitations. Have your outsourcing partner sign contracts and non-disclosure agreements. Seek legal advice to guide you through this process.

Getting involved

Outsource development to a company that allows you to have control over the development processes. It is not ideal to be only interested in the end product; always get involved with your projects by at least getting regular updates to monitor progress and to make sure that the outsource tasks are on track. By providing your input and communicating with your outsourced developer or development team, you'll learn more about your project that will help make smart decisions.

Getting your money's worth

Outsourcing is worth the investment. In the long run, the benefits will start reflecting in your cash flow as well as in the efficiency of your operations. Make sure that you get your money's worth by outsourcing development to developers or companies with the right skills, experience, and tools you need for your development project.

These are just some of the factors worth considering when you choose to outsource development projects. The main takeaway here is to have the right knowledge and know the best practices for what you are getting into. For tasks that require specialized skills, such as development, it is best to turn to experts. Working with outsourcing companies to find the right one for the job is a worthwhile solution.

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