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5 Common Mistakes Businesses Make on Social Media

by: Finella Kristle Panlilio

Monday, October 19, 2015 |

Social media’s evolution into countless platforms has created endless opportunities for businesses. However, you’ll often hear complaints from business owners and marketers that social media isn’t working for them. Frustration over the efficiency of social media stems from not having the right social media strategy in place. Instead of complaining that it doesn’t work for you, it’s better to figure out why it’s not going exactly as you’d planned.

Common social media mistakes

Here are five of the most common mistakes businesses make on social media:

1. Not understanding the social dynamic of social media
Just because they’re following you doesn’t mean they’re already sold on your product or service. While social media can be leveraged to convert fans into customers, it shouldn’t be used as a pitching platform. As a marketer, you need to understand the social dynamic of social media. Instead of constantly posting about your products or services, focus on creating content that’s relevant to your audience. Social media should be used as a medium to educate and to build your followers’ trust. This will entice them to take the next step in your marketing funnel.

2. Not having a solid strategy
Don’t treat building a social media strategy like a hobby. Posting whenever you please is not a strategy. Write the specific platforms your target audience is on and stick to a social media regimen. List the posting frequency on each social network and schedule your posts. This will keep you accountable over the long term, which is the key component to generating traffic.

3. Not knowing who your audience is
Posting about topics that are appealing to you may not resonate with your audience. Information they are looking to gather may be different from what you think. Always position yourself as the expert, and your followers, novices. This way, the content you post will accommodate their level of knowledge, not yours. The key to figuring out what your audience really wants is to engage. You can do this by posting open-ended questions, responding to comments, and giving direct calls to action. Remember that creating content is only the first step. Interacting with your audience will help you uncover what they want, their fears, and their frustrations. Determine who your audience is to make it easier to find them on social media.

4. Not knowing where your audience is
You’re not going to get results if you’re using the right strategies on the wrong social media networks. Figure out where your audience is before you start crafting your content.

5. Not focusing on the right metrics
Track social media metrics that are aligned with your strategy. In general, your strategy should be focused on converting followers into leads. While fans don’t like direct selling on social media, trying to become the next viral sensation isn’t going to boost your ROI either. A large volume of fans, likes, and shares is meaningless if you can’t convert your traffic. Going viral doesn’t necessarily increase the number of qualified leads. Optimize your social media content to entice your fans to subscribe to your email list. Avoid trying to close the sale on the first try, and focus instead on generating leads from your social media campaigns.


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