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4 Factors to Look For in Sales Teleprospecting Firms

by: Sarah Joson

Monday, August 4, 2014 |

Over the years, teleprospecting has become an integral part of a companyís sales division. Organizations that decide to outsource it have one thing in mind when seeking for potential sales telesprospecting partners and that would be the cost.

A post at Business2Community.com states that there are several things that should be explored beyond cost:

1. Are they specialists or generalists?

Generalists are known to cater to the teleprospecting needs of different types of companies from varying industries. Yes, they get the job done, but studies show that they only see a 20-30 percent conversion rate from the prospects that they get. On the other hand, teleprospecting firms that focus on a specific industry usually reach a 60-70 percent turnout.

2. How do they measure the qualifications of a lead?
Business owners should be diligent in inquiring about the outsourced partyís criteria for quality. If they feel that it lacks certain factors, based on their own operations, then they should speak up and find a middle ground. Once that has been agreed upon, they should also ask how lead processing can be transitioned back into the internal team.

3. Will they be involved during the lead processing stage?

Outsourced partners should be informed of the progress of the leads that came from them. Naturally, the outsourced firm would love to hear about what happened to the lead that they gave their client. This will enable business owners to communicate whether a lead is successful or not. They can improve some of their processes while documenting the success of a lead. In addition to that, both parties will be well-informed and continue to work on the same goal which is to improve sales figures.

4. How should performance metrics be tracked?
Given that they will be sending reports, you should also take into consideration the success rate of each lead. Everything should be explained well - things that canít be drawn out through figures and graphs must still be covered. 

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