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3 Reasons Why We should Measure PR

by: Finella Kristle Panlilio

Wednesday, December 17, 2014 |

PR professionals no longer rely only on AVEs and impressions now that PR has become a metrics-driven business, with first-touch attribution letting us monitor and measure. This initial step starts on the customer journey, which is usually related to PR initiatives. Event promotions, blog posts, and visual media drive early awareness and then end with a sale.

Measuring PR has its advantages

Vocus lists three reasons why we should monitor and measure first-touch attributions:

1. It proves value. The traditional measuring stick in the past was last-click attribution. Now, we can measure other touch points and assign value to all the steps taken along the customer journey.
2. It gives PR professionals a seat at the strategy table. Because value is proven, our efforts gain respect. PR pros have a say during strategic planning for they are essential to overall business success.
3. It ties PR activities to business outcomes. Knowing how their efforts impact business outcomes enables PR professionals to monitor and polish their work, leading to greater awareness and interest as well as increased leads and sales.

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