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16 Processes that can be Outsourced

by: Sarah Joson

Friday, January 17, 2014 |

16 Commonly Outsourced Processes

Nowadays, businesses are expected to be more flexible when it comes to adapting to the technological trends in the industry and demand from the market.

Organizations are looking for ways to reinvent themselves to remain relevant and to stay competitive given that new players are taking the center stage in their respective industries.

A post at BRW.com.au shares 16 processes that businesses are seen outsourcing to get ahead of their competition.

1. Deployment of samples and leaflets
Distribution of leaflets in high-traffic areas is still one of the best ways to get people’s attention. Anything in this type of campaign can be outsourced from the design of the handout itself to the people who will give out the flyers.

2. Localized letterbox leaflet distribution
Businesses, especially the small and start-up ones, can organize a letterbox leaflet distribution campaign. They can customize the theme of their campaign according to the interests and culture of their local community.

3. Telemarketing
Phone-based marketing is also one of the renowned processes that can help generate leads and address the concerns of existing clients.

4. Product or website testing
If you are launching a new product or application, you can get information from the market itself through actual trials. Business owners can hire project managers who will facilitate the testing for them while they are busy with their day-to-day activities.

5. Market research and data

Data is one of the pivotal elements of a successful business. It can be used as a basis of a marketing campaign or development of a new product. It can be done online or through the actual market itself.

6. Focus group
Collecting data from a focus group is a combination of research and actual interviews. Operations can be outsourced to experts in the field. Business owners in turn will get credible results based on quantitative data.
7. Plant undercover agents
Market research service providers are also capable of deploying undercover agents who will pose as shoppers so you can ensure that your company is being presented in a good-natured way in public. You will be able to see if the customer service representative is briefed accordingly or if your products are in stock in consigned stores.

8. Manpower for company events
Companies can also lease staff for events such as parties and conferences. The hospitality industry may not be one of the specializations of your business, but if clients enjoy your events, then good karma is on your company’s way.

9. Photographers for the event          
Clearly, not all organizations have a full-time photographer for company events. To properly document the conferences, research, and parties, executives can hire professional photographers who will be able to capture images that can be used for press releases and other marketing materials.
10. Event assistants
Executives need not to put on one hat during important company events. They can hire additional assistants to make sure that things will run smoothly during important occasions.

11. Audio and video experts
Videos are now becoming the easiest way to advertise and improve brand recall among customers. Although sometimes internet speed can be an issue, once a video goes viral, business owners can expect a surge in followers and potential clients.

12. Informative content creation
Content marketing is also an effective way to create awareness amongst your target segment. However, conceptualizing, creating, and publishing content on a regular basis take time, which is why it is more ideal to outsource these processes to content marketing specialists.
13. Email assistants

You can now hire virtual assistants to handle your emails for you. Apart from being able to manage your inbox properly, you will be able to respond to your clients in a timely manner which shows them that they are important to your business and that you value them.

14. Graphic designers
To ensure that your images are following the latest trends, you can outsource graphic design work to service providers who can do the designing and editing for you. It is one of the best ways to save on costs.

15. Promotional models
You can always outsource models to be the face of your company. This way, the chances of you having the same pictures and images for your marketing campaigns will be eliminated.

16. Office admin
Small and start-up business owners often end up with tons of back office work to do such as encoding, filing, and even purchasing materials for the business. Instead, you can hire an office admin or office assistant who can do all those things remotely.

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