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State of Global Cyber Security

by: Sarah Joson

Thursday, June 25, 2015 |

A post at ChannelNomics.com recently discussed the results of the online survey “2015 Global Information Security Workforce Study” conducted by International Information System Security Certification Consortium (ISC2), Frost & Sullivan, security professional placement firm Cyber 360, and consultancy Booz Allen Hamilton. Nearly 14,000 security professionals from small, mid-size, and large businesses from various industries joined the survey.

Threat of cyber security a call for outsourced security services

The report read that firms will soon face an onslaught of security challenges. Cases of cyber attacks and security breaches will increase, and there will be a decline in the number of professionals skilled enough to address these issues.

The report cited several factors that could be contributing to the growing pool of challenges. Some of the things that firms should watch out for are the increasing capabilities of black hats, breadth of technology and its platforms (cloud, mobile/BYOD, and wearables), which allow criminals to have access to prime information and data.

Common processes that bait companies are the production of vulnerable software application into production, and identity theft through phishing.

Now, as companies are going through security battles, there comes another issue - they lack skilled data security personnel. More than half (62 percent) of the survey respondents said their businesses lack adequate information security staff. This percentage was a leap from the 56 percent who aired the same sentiments in 2013.
By 2020, shortage in the segment will reach 1.5 million. The report indicated that it will likely be caused by insufficient supply of suitable candidates, and not by reluctant hiring managers.

In order to address the talent shortage, survey respondents said they are considering alternatives such as upgrading security tools, hiring and training internal staff, and outsourcing.

Moreover, even if hiring and training their own security personnel is an option, it usually takes up a lot of time and resources, which is why many companies outsource the functions instead. One of the platforms they use is managed services. Thirty percent of the respondents said they are planning to spend more on managed or outsourced security services in the coming months. They will outsource to beef up existing security teams and address other challenges such as rising costs of operating an information security arm, recruitment limitations, and employee retention issues.

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