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Creative Design Outsourcing


Filipinos are highly creative people by nature and they have a great passion for creative arts, which is shown in the large number of people who graduate from creative design and art courses. The Philippines has been fully immersed in Western culture for more than a century and their design style is very suitable for the Western market where sleek, trendy, and clean designs are often required to captivate an audience. This stands in great contrast with other Asian outsourcing countries like China and India where the design sense is heavily influenced by local culture and often includes color schemes and design choices that do not engage an international audience. The combination of these factors makes the Philippines a fantastic destination for outsourcing a wide variety of creative design processes.

At MicroSourcing, we have been offering graphic design services since our inception in 2004. We employ more than a hundred designers who work for a wide variety of clients, on a wide variety of creative deliverables. One group works for a large directory publication where they create thousands of print ad designs per week. We also have designers who work for boutique design studios and work on cutting-edge designs for the internet and mobile platforms. Our MicroCreatives group employs some of the best designers we have come across in the last few years and they execute exceptional design projects for some of the most interesting companies in the world. With such a large creative workforce, we are capable of delivering any kind of graphic design outsourcing and offshoring solution.


The roots of MicroSourcing are in graphic design and we have a lot of experience in the creative design industry:

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