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MicroSourcing Celebrates World Blood Donor Day

by: Ida Mandinyenya

Tuesday, June 21, 2016 | Social Responsibility |

MicroSourcing Blood Donation Drive

MicroSourcing Celebrates World Blood Donor Day

Last June 14, MicroSourcing observed World Blood Donor Day with the theme 'Blood connects us all'.

Each year, 108 million blood donations are made globally, and approximately half of these are collected in high-income countries. The blood donation rate in high-income countries is significantly higher at 36.8 donations per 1000 population, than that in middle- (11.7) and low-income countries (3.9).

In the Philippines, 118 blood units are needed every hour, 2,832 units each day, and one million annually. Last year, one of the major suppliers of blood in the country, the Philippine Red Cross (PRC), was able to successfully accommodate 50% of the country’s blood needs and this year, they have served 132,249 blood units to 90,087 patients. This number continues to grow and the PRC urges unpaid donors to regularly make blood donations, so that blood and blood products are readily available to patients in need.

MicroMissions is indebted to the 68 MicroSourcing employees from 1880 Eastwood, Cyberscape, and TwoE-com who donated blood at this year’s bloodletting activity. We are also thankful to those who sought to donate blood at 'Heroes Come in all Types' but failed to do so for many reasons. It is our hope that you will soon accomplish your objective and voluntarily donate blood at one of the PRC’s 82 blood service facilities nationwide.

Blood transfusions save lives and your life-giving donation will give patients suffering from life-threatening illness timely access to safe blood. Whole blood donations are separated into components: red blood cells, plasma, and platelets. So, one donation can help save three lives. We thank you for your generosity and hope you can help us encourage family and friends to also make regular blood donations.

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