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MicroSourcing Speaks Code for World Youth Skills Day

by: Ida Mandinyenya

Tuesday, July 21, 2015 | Social Responsibility |

MicroSourcing Speaks Code for World Youth Skills Day

Last July 15, we observed World Youth Skills Day as set out by the UN General Assembly. This day was recognized as a UN International Day of Observance after UN Sri Lanka highlighted the importance of developing youth skills for inclusive development. Youth unemployment has become a worldwide phenomenon with a growing number of disenfranchised and unemployed young people. In the Philippines, figures from the International Labor Organization (ILO) show that in 2010, over half of the 1.460 million unemployed people were aged between 15 and 24 years. Consequently for that year, the unemployment rate was more than twice the national average at 17.6%. Interestingly, there is a presumption that youth with college education are spared from joblessness, but statistics show the opposite, with unemployment amongst college graduates reaching 11%.

MicroSourcing Speaks Code in collaboration with Microsoft

To mark the day, we held MicroSourcing Speaks Code in collaboration with Microsoft. It was a valuable opportunity for our Careers Program graduates to explore the world of programming and learn new skills for their personal development. Microsoft Student Partners, Charm Salcedo, Melvyn Sabatin, and Joanna Heramil together with Citizenship Specialist Geoanna Corneby, facilitated the one-day event and exemplified their passion for technology. First, youth participants learned about the foundational logic behind code through games like Angry Birds, then they were introduced to basic HTML language.

MicroSourcing Speaks Code for World Youth Skills Day

Microsoft provided beneficial resources that can be adopted for self-study and we encourage participants of the Introduction to Programming class to take full advantage of these free resources. We believe it is important to equip the future generation with indispensable computational thinking skills and view the world in a whole new way.

MicroSourcing continues to invest in education and training to increase the capacity of youth to gain employment and live dignified lives.

One of MicroMissions’ pillars is 'Enabling Decent Work'. The triumphs of this are two-fold:

Careers Program: We address skills mismatch by equipping idle but driven youth with specialized training and on-the-job experience in different work functions that are relevant to the outsourcing industry. Since running Batch 1 of the Careers Program in 2012, 58 young people have benefited from program.

Scholarship Program: We offer education grants to indigent scholars referred to us by our non-profit organization partners. MicroSourcing has awarded 23 scholarships from elementary to college level.

We express thanks to those who have been active in the delivery of skills to youth, specifically our client accounts, Management Committee, account managers, trainers, and volunteer mentors, all of whom help our youth make it through their MicroSourcing journey. Together, we are working towards achieving 'one of the most successful anti-poverty movements in history', Millennium Development Goal One: To eradicate extreme hunger and poverty.


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