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MicroMissions Leaders Gift Communities with Solar Lamps

by: Admin

Tuesday, February 17, 2015 | Social Responsibility |

MicroSourcing Volunteers Donate Solar Lamps

MicroMissions Gives Solar Lamps to Communities

MicroMissions leaders joined SolarSolutions' Give Light Project to distribute solar lamps to communities off the grid. Last February 7, MicroMissions and other Solar Solutions partners trekked to Purok Libis and Tayabasan in Antipolo City and Sitio Kinabuan in Rizal. Volunteers camped out for two days to turn over 15 solar lamps, five for each of the three community recipients of the project.

The goal of Give Light Project is to give indigenous communities the capacity to light their homes and hunting areas at night. Volunteer Kariktan Mingoa shared possibilities for the people, once equipped with a solar lamp. "In a city area, we take the light switch for granted. For the Dumagats, light is a rare possibility at night. Everything around them is pitch black and their only options are to set fire on dry tree branches or to create oil lamp cans at no easy cost. With Give Light Project, they can harness solar power for light at night; children can study and providers can engage in night fishing or hunting."

The project also raised awareness about the indigenous communities of Dumagats. MicroMissions leader Jackelyn Banzon encouraged volunteers to visit and support them more. "Seeing the happy faces of our Dumagat brothers when we brought solar lights to their communities is a rewarding experience. I hope there'll be more volunteers willing to join projects related to uplifting the lives of the Dumagat people, or even other indigenous groups. Simple volunteering activities such as a medical mission, outreach and livelihood programs will bring positive change to their communities."

Volunteer Aicelyn Galon concludes the event with reflection that mirrors SolarSolutions' mission. "The experience taught me to live hand in hand with nature. Nature has provided for the Dumagats for decades, in river water, the mountains, food. It gives me hope of how the world could be a better place to live in. And with technology and innovation, we can preserve the Earth's resources and still provide for people's basic needs. Same way solar lamps light the community while reducing the need for firewood. Technology might be a missing piece in the cycle."

MicroSourcing employees funded Solar Solutions' Give Light Project on September 2014 through an internal campaign for building resilient communities.


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