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MiniMovers' Tatia Power Gives a Talk to MicroSourcing Interns

by: Karen Cayamanda

Tuesday, February 5, 2013 | Company News | Social Responsibility |

MiniMovers' Tatia Power Gives a Talk to MicroSourcing InternsThe interns of MicroSourcing’s CSR program were encouraged by the words of advice of Tatia Power, General Manager of MiniMovers in Eastwood and a MicroSourcing client. "You don’t always need a degree to go places. Confidence and hard work will get you farther than any degree behind you."

MicroSourcing clients committed to investing time and resources in training interns

Tatia spoke as a guest speaker in an English Language class led by Wim Kooijman, father of MicroSourcing CEO Philip Kooijman and a volunteer teacher in the company’s internship program that trains and employs underserved youth for a period of six months. At the very start of the internship program, MiniMovers has been actively involved. They are one of the three MicroSourcing clients who committed to invest time and resources in training two interns, hoping to teach them job skills that will make them ready for employment.

With three months left into the program for the first batch of 15 interns, they begin to think about applying for job openings in the client companies of MicroSourcing, including MiniMovers. Tatia supports their interest and shared that MiniMovers is never particular with educational background and past experience; instead, they look into a candidate’s confidence and continuous effort to improve their skills.

Taking perspective from her own days in the job hunt, Tatia recalls her interview with MiniMovers. While she applied for a web coordinator post, she was hired as a marketing manager and 12 months later promoted to general manager. Tatia showed confidence and drive throughout her interview and advised the interns to do the same, "Don’t go in an interview thinking ‘I hope this company hires me,’ you should think ‘If this company is really lucky, I may decide to work for them."


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