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MicroSourcing Facilitates Fire Evacuation Drill

by: Karen Cayamanda

Tuesday, November 6, 2012 | Company News |

Safety First with MicroSourcing's Fire Drill

The Operational Excellence Department, together with the Facilities and Client Services Department, facilitated a fire evacuation drill involving all MicroSourcing employees and clients at the company headquarters last October 29. This helps in increasing awareness and preparing employees on how to respond during fire and earthquake evacuations. 
Prior to the fire evacuation drill, the Emergency Response Team (ERT) of MicroSourcing was established. In times of disasters which will require site evacuation as well as other emergency response situations, the ERT can be considered in assisting employees who are stranded or need evacuation. The team will also ensure that all MicroSourcing employees and clients are evacuated safely out of the site, accounted for, and are all assembled at the designated assembly areas during evacuation. The ERT is composed of the Incident Commander, Marshalls, Security Team, Medical Team, and Roll Takers.
The members of the ERT play a big role in MicroSourcing’s Business Continuity/Disaster Response and Recovery Plan (BC/DRRP), an initiative to protect the interests of MicroSourcing clients and employees. This involves the respective duties of the ERT members as well as the evacuation procedures, evacuation routes, and fire basic response. Earthquake and fire response procedures were likewise discussed.
Moreover, all MicroSourcing employees had undergone a Disaster Response Training as part of the BC/DRRP.

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