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US Congress Urged to Give Rewards to Firms that Create Jobs Locally

by: Sarah Joson

Friday, February 24, 2012 | Outsourcing News |

US Businesses urged to Create more Jobs Locally

US President Barack Obama urged the Congress to grant tax rewards to companies that provide employment to US citizens. The President said the Congress needs to make adjustments in the country’s tax code for companies such as Boeing Co. So it will be easy for them to create more job opportunities to the country. In his recent visit to Boeing Co.’s jet factory in Everett, Washington, he was delighted that it had produced thousands of employment opportunities to US citizens.  

The President noted that businesses in the US created 3.7 million new jobs in just two years, adding that even if labor and operational costs are way higher locally than in China, the quality of products will definitely be better, and that will be the country’s way to be globally competitive.  

Furthermore, he said that companies that outsource jobs shouldn’t get tax breaks and help should be extended to technology companies and other businesses that set up operations in the country.

Meanwhile, the annual White House report indicates that the US will have a stronger economy this year and produce two million jobs. The report also predicts that the average unemployment rate for this year will be around 8 to 8.6 percent.


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