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US Firms Urged to Bring Jobs Back rather than Outsource Offshore

by: Sarah Joson

Monday, January 9, 2012 | Outsourcing News |

With the elections approaching, US President Barack Obama is trying to bag more votes and hold the presidential position for the second time by targeting the middle class segment through creating an advocacy against firms that are outsourcing jobs overseas. The US president is making an effort to bring jobs back home and even gave his word in assisting other business owners who would do so. He is also planning to create a program that he hopes will attract investors to the country.

Based on federal official comments, the Obama government is expecting an increase in employment opportunities in the US and attracting companies to not only invest and source jobs locally, but also to make use of US-based factories and plants.

There has been an ongoing debate about US companies that are moving jobs overseas, particularly to Asian countries like China and India where costs of labor and infrastructure are relatively lower. Ohio and Michigan are some of the industrial provinces that are significantly affected by reduced job opportunities in the manufacturing sector.

Republicans who have repeatedly countered the Obama administration were the ones who said that Obama’s regulations regarding outsourcing will be the solution to the unemployment rate in the country. In fact, a study released last Friday states that the unemployment rate fell to more or less 8.5%, the lowest within the past three years.


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