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PH can be Outsourcing Hub for Mobile Apps

by: Sarah Joson

Wednesday, September 21, 2011 | Outsourcing News |

With the growing popularity of mobile communication devices worldwide, the Philippines can definitely cash in and become an outsourcing location for mobile applications development.  There is a need, therefore, for local developers to focus on mobile applications.

PH as potential mobile app development outsourcing hub

According to Ramon Pastor of Numlock Solutions in a Power Mac Center mobile app development seminar, even if the country is far behind other mobile-app-developing hubs, local developers have what it takes to meet the demand for mobile apps both locally and in the global scene. He said local developers can take advantage of the demand for mobile applications, turning the Philippines into the location of choice for this service.

Pastor sees opportunities in mobile apps development, knowing that mobile devices are used not only for making calls, sending text messages and emails, etc. He believes that the demand will grow significantly in the next few years. He also said that many companies do not know that local developers can do mobile apps development projects. He’s hoping that the country will soon be able to benefit from the growing demand.


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