Commnity Moderation Outsourcing Philippines

Site & Community Moderation Outsourcing

Websites are increasingly becoming community-driven. Great examples are Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube which are currently amongst the most popular websites in the world and they are all focused on user-generated content. Community-driven websites are hard to launch and they typically need to reach a certain critical mass before the size and activity of the community drive new visitors to join. One way to stimulate an online community is to hire Community Moderators. Moderators are typically tasked to become super active members themselves, moderate the behavior of other members, and stimulate active membership through the organization of events, contests, and promos.

As mentioned in our section on Content Writing Outsourcing, most Filipinos have excellent English language skills and are fully familiar with Western pop culture and slang. They are typically outgoing, fun-loving people with very active online lives. These make them perfectly suited for work as Community Moderators.

MicroSourcing has a lot of experience in community and content moderation. One of our first clients used our services to set up a team of forum moderators. These forum moderators were there to make sure that the forums were kept clean but also to spark the website's community and encourage active membership through the organization of events and contests. Soon after, in 2005, we opened our first 24/7/365 content moderation team for an Australia- and New Zealand-based mobile phone service whereby all content was moderated prior to being sent to the recipient. We currently moderate a number of online games and forums and have dozens of people working around the clock in community and content moderation.