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Case Study: A Client's Feedback on a Data Processing Intern

One of MicroSourcing's long-term clients participated in the first run of the Careers Program to hire and train data processing interns. They had a twofold goal to impart relevant knowledge and work experience to talented high school graduates, and to train additional resources who can meet their productivity requirements.

Case Study: A Client's Feedback on a Data Processing Intern

Our client started with one intern, Ailene Galvero on October 2012. Ailene was taught the different areas of their operations, including data entry, moderation for quality assurance, and product research. After three months, Ailene consistently delivered her daily quota with minimal supervision. She was assigned to work independently in the night shift to manage end-to-end processes with a workload similar to regular employees.

Our clients were pleased with Ailene's performance. "I don't see much difference in the output quality of our regular staff and the interns. In my last trip to Manila, I met with Ailene and was quite surprised with her English speaking skills. I would go as far to say she would rank in the top 5 of our staff that can speak English. Once settled the interns are just like any other employee," says their Systems and Operations Manager.

Following the client's positive experience with Ailene, they hired three additional interns who underwent rigorous training with the account's team leaders. After only two weeks of training, one of the three new interns - Janet Ofilan - took over the work of an employee who had just resigned.

By May 2013, Ailene, Janet, and two other interns moved on from being trainees to official employees. They were signed on as Data Analysts who handled encoding and research responsibilities essential to day-to-day operations. When Ailene was asked about her job, she said she sees herself growing in her role for years to come.

Our client is interested to use the Careers Program as their primary source of talent, tapping into trained high school graduates who clearly have a lot of potential. In the client's words, "With the overall success of the intern project, I would seriously like to consider the program as my primary method of recruitment for data analysts."

The client company's general manager summarizes their experience, "The concept is fantastic. The program is very good and we are keen to participate in the future."