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Enabling Decent Work

MicroSourcing acknowledges that for the socioeconomic development of the Filipino people, it is essential to give people access to decent work.

"Decent work" is defined by the International Labour Organization (ILO) as work that provides equal opportunities for all, pays minimum wage, delivers job security, and provides a stable income to families. It should also give people the right to express their concerns and be able to engage and participate in matters that affect their lives in one way or another. Through our Careers Program and our Back-to-School Program, we are actively enabling decent work to those in our society who sit at the bottom of the pyramid.

MicroMissions Careers Program
The Careers Program is founded on the objectives and ideologies of Impact Sourcing, a sub-field of the outsourcing industry that creates long-term BPO employment opportunities to individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds. The objective being to make a talented individual ready for a full-time job in the outsourcing industry:

  1. Identification of Talent - Program participants are referred to us by our non-profit organization partners who identify suitable youth and prepare them for formal employment.

  2. Training & Skills Development - Youth begin their journey with a one-month intensive training facilitated by skilled trainers. It is a classroom-type training course covering topics ranging from English language skills to Internet research, Microsoft Office, and Adobe Photoshop. The training is facilitated by both MicroSourcing volunteers and skilled training partner organizations.

  3. Real-life Work Experience - After this initial training, youth are assessed and assigned to either our own internal departments or our client accounts. It is then when they are immersed in real-life operations and given back office tasks such as: data capture and validation; lead generation; content conversion, editing, and tagging; document digitization and archiving; e-commerce support; voice support; and customer service. Our interns have proven to be extremely motivated and hardworking. They have proven time and again that they are capable of exceeding the performance targets set by their supervisors.

  4. Landing a Full-time Job - Upon completion of the internship, our internal departments and client accounts evaluate their interns. Successful interns are offered full-time employment, the culmination of a long journey towards landing a full-time job and the start of a more prosperous future. With a job and a stable income, they are able to provide for the basic needs of their families, help support their younger siblings through school, build up a savings account, and launch careers as young, dignified professionals.

Get Involved: How to Hire an Intern

We give our clients the option to use the Careers Program as an alternative channel for sourcing talent. Our client partners can opt to take on interns and train them on work processes and other requirements. During the internship period, MicroSourcing funds the interns' compensation. After an agreed timeframe when clients decide to absorb their interns as full-time employees, the model transitions to the standard terms for offshore staffing.

MicroMissions Back-to-School Program
Our Back-to-School program is an extension of our Careers Program which gives out-of-school high school graduates an opportunity to take on college education at local universities. MicroSourcing identifies highly talented individuals who for financial reasons could not complete their college education and then provides them with a scholarship that enables them to go back to school. After graduation, they can flow into our MicroMissions Careers Program with the end goal of completing the cycle and obtaining full-time employment.

Case Study:

MicroSourcing Corporate Social Responsibility Outsourcing Case Study A Client's Feedback on a Data Processing Intern

Hear from one of our established clients who started with one intern but ended up hiring a total of four graduates of the Careers Program.

Success Story:

MicroSourcing Corporate Social Responsibility Outsourcing Story Salie Malagueno's Promising Career

Meet Salie who was among the first participants of the Careers Program. She now works as a Data Analyst for one of MicroSourcing's key clients.