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Offshore Staffing in the Philippines

Our offshore staffing services enable you to establish your own team in the Philippines. You hand-pick the employees who will work for you exclusively and full-time from our offices in the Philippines. Your virtual staff in the Philippines are legally employed and managed by MicroSourcing but they will report to you. You can choose the level of direct control you want over your team. You can manage them directly through email, phone or Skype, or you can use your own dedicated on-site management team. You will also be provided with a MicroSourcing account manager for day-to-day coordination.

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By staffing offshore instead of domestically, you will save at least 70% on direct personnel costs. You will also be saving money indirectly as you won't have to worry about providing your offshore staff with office space, workstations, connectivity, and other facilities. The diagram below explains how we will support your offshore team.

The benefits to your business

70% Cost Reduction

Direct personnel costs like salaries, benefits, and insurance are about 70% less in the Philippines. The services fee we charge for providing office space, workstations, management, and overhead will also save you about 70% when compared to housing and supporting staff locally. Learn more on the direct cost savings.

Increased Operational

Our contract terms and service delivery models will provide you with much more operational flexibility. In good times, you will be able to ramp up operations fast without capex and in bad times, you will be able to reduce opex fast without the need of expensive severance packages. Learn more about how to grow without investing.

Access to Skilled Labor

The Philippines has a very large, highly skilled, and available labor pool. If you are having a hard time attracting and retaining top talent locally, then offshore staff leasing in the Philippines can be a great solution. Learn more about the Philippines and its labor pool.

Transparency & Control

The costs of your offshore team are fully transparent and completely in your control. You will know exactly what your team members are getting in salary and benefits and you can budget this directly. You will have direct access to your team and you are free to coordinate with them directly or through your appointed MicroSourcing account manager. You are also free to work with your team on location - in fact, we highly encourage you to visit your offshore team. Learn more on direct control and our transparent pricing model.

Time zone & Global Reach

The Philippines is in the GMT+8, EST+12 time zone. An offshore operation in the Philippines will be able to cover hours that may be difficult to cover locally. We operate 24/7/365 so we can accommodate any type of working schedule that you like to follow. The Philippines is located in the center of Southeast Asia and offers the perfect location for your company to enter the fast growing Asian economies. Learn more about increasing your global reach.



We charge a fixed fee per employee per month.


The total direct costs of the employee in terms of base salary, benefits, taxes and insurances.


The fee we charge for the assets and support services we provide to your operations.

Our transparent pricing model has several benefits:

No one-time fees

We do not have any one-time fees. Your first invoice will be sent after your people start working for you and that invoice will be a simple enumeration of your Filipino staff, their direct salary costs, and our total services fee.

You control manpower costs

You can directly budget your direct employee costs including their compensation package upon hiring, performance-based incentive programs, and annual performance increases. You will know, and directly control, the compensation packages of your Filipino staff.

No conflict of interest

In traditional outsourcing pricing models, your provider can increase their profit margins by hiring less qualified people and cutting on their benefits. This creates a huge conflict of interest that we completely eliminate through our transparent pricing model.

Offshore Staffing is very easy

The offshore staffing process is very similar to how you would hire personnel locally. Together, we will discuss your hiring requirements and draft the detailed job profiles. Our Recruitment department will source for candidates, run through the initial screening processes, and endorse candidates to you. You are free to screen and test the candidates in any way you deem necessary to reach a decision. In the end, you hand-pick who you want us to assign to your offshore team. Alternatively, you can rely on our judgment and experience, and let us take care of the entire screening and selection. On the IT and infrastructure side, you will work with our IT department to set up the working environment and tools you need to make your offshore team part of your daily workflow. On the operations side, we will provide you with an account manager who will work with you in identifying key performance indicators, performance targets, and reporting structures. Your account manager will also be your main point of contact. After go-live, MicroSourcing will provide the full suite of management and support functions needed to run an effective offshore team. This will enable you to focus on your core processes, your customers and growing your business in a smarter way.

From Offshore Team to Virtual Captive

Our Virtual Captive services enable a foreign company to establish a custom-built offshore operation in the Philippines fully hosted and managed by MicroSourcing. These offshore operations typically have their own office space, their own management staff, and almost operate like mini-companies within MicroSourcing. There are many similarities between our offshore staffing and virtual captive services. The main differences lie in the fact that offshore staffing is typically smaller in scale and talent-driven while virtual captives are typically larger in scale, process-driven, and require a great deal of customization and autonomy. Many of our clients start off with a small team using our staff leasing services and then over time, add more and more processes and people to their offshore operation. There is no real black and white distinction between a large offshore team and a virtual captive - many of our clients have become virtual captives over time, making their offshore delivery center a strategically vital part of their business.