eCommerce industry trends

According to Statistica, the global online market in 2019 equalled $3.5 trillion and 14% of the entire retail spend.

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In 2020, expectations topped $2.4 trillion and 16% of global retail sales.

Let's take a look at some of the top eCommerce industry trends we're seeing today..

Mobile shopping


Mobile shopping

Consumers expect that they can shop on their phone just as easily as they can via a desktop. And with predictions that up to 73% of all online retail sales will occur via a mobile device by the end of 2021, this is a trend that’s on the rise

Mobile shopping


Voice commerce

26% of consumers have purchased via a smart speaker and over 35% of homes have at least one Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri or Amazon Alexa.

Mobile shopping


Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning

Personalized shopping experiences, retargeting via web history and chatbots are increasingly becoming an integral part of eCommerce.

Mobile shopping


Direct to consumer

Many manufacturers and big brands are bypassing the usual distribution channels and are selling direct to consumers thanks to the current global pandemic.

Mobile shopping


Virtual or augmented reality

3D photos or models of products are being used so that shoppers can visualize the product in their life by either ‘trying it on’ or seeing how it will look in their space.

Mobile shopping



Businesses are required to have the infrastructure to sell across a multitude of platforms such as mobile shopping, desktop, telephone shopping and brick-and-mortar stores.

Mobile shopping


Social commerce

Shopping via social media channels is on the rise. 55% of online shoppers have purchased via a social post or advertisement.

Mobile shopping


Subscription services

Everyone loves a surprise package in the mail and this is a desire that subscription services successfully tap into. From a business perspective, it’s a no brainer to generate high quality loyal customers and a reliable income base.

Mobile shopping



Personalized campaigns deliver up to 6x higher transaction rates than mass emails. Customers who experienced personalization are 40% more likely to spend more.

Mobile shopping



Customer demand is now forcing organizations to implement eco-friendly alternatives such as, carbon neutral shipping, zero-waste packaging, eco-friendly supply chains and more.

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