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Offshore Staff Leasing

Offshore Staffing as Talent Solution

Most companies use a number of staffing solutions to get the talent they need. They hire their own employees under a full-time or part-time contract, they use staffing agencies to provide temporary staff or they hire consultants to perform certain highly specific tasks. There is one staffing solution that is often overlooked and that is offshore staff leasing or offshore staffing. Our offshore staffing services enable you to establish your own team in the Philippines consisting of employees who will work for you exclusively and full-time from our offices in the Philippines. Your virtual staff in the Philippines are all legally employed, supported, and managed by MicroSourcing but you decide what their day-to-day activities will look like. By staffing offshore instead of domestically, you will save at least 70% on direct personnel costs and you will also be saving money indirectly as you do not have to worry about providing your offshore staff with office space, workstations, connectivity, and other facilities. The diagram below explains how your offshore team will be supported by MicroSourcing.

Your Offshore Organization in the Philippines

Your Company
Operations Management
Operations Management
Your Offshore Staff
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Offshore Staffing is very easy

The offshore staffing process is very similar to how you would hire personnel locally. Together, we will discuss your hiring requirements and draft the detailed job profiles. Our Recruitment department will source for candidates, run through the initial screening processes, and endorse candidates to you. You are free to screen and test the candidates in any way you deem necessary to reach a decision. In the end, you handpick who you want us to assign to your offshore team. Alternatively, you can rely on our judgment and let us take care of the entire screening and selection. On the IT and infrastructure side, you will work with our IT department to set up the working environment and tools you need to make your offshore team part of your daily workflow. On the operations side, we will provide you with one or more supervisors who will work with you in identifying key performance indicators, performance targets, and reporting structures. Your operations supervisor will be your main point of contact. After go live, MicroSourcing will provide training, coaching, supervision, technical support, and all other support needed to run an effective offshore team. The beauty of offshore staffing is that you can fully concentrate on what your staff will be doing and you can let MicroSourcing take care of all the overhead and support processes.

From Offshore Team to Virtual Captive

Our Virtual Captive services enable a foreign company to establish a custom-built offshore operation in the Philippines fully hosted and managed by MicroSourcing. These offshore operations typically have their own office space, their own management staff, and almost operate like mini-companies within MicroSourcing. There are many similarities between our offshore staffing and virtual captive services. The main differences lie in the fact that offshore staffing is typically smaller in scale and talent-driven while virtual captives are typically larger in scale, process-driven, and require a great deal of customization and autonomy. Many of our clients start off with a small team using our staff leasing services and then over time, add more and more processes and people to their offshore operation. There is no real black and white distinction between a large offshore team and a virtual captive and many of our clients have become virtual captives over time, making their offshore delivery center a strategically vital part of their business.