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Animation Outsourcing


Animation is a very labor-intensive process. This also makes it very expensive and high labor costs typically eat up the lion's share of the budget of an animation project. The software programs used in animation are also very expensive, making professional animation a very expensive endeavor when done purely in-house. To reduce costs, animation firms from the US and UK outsource work to offshoring locations such as the Philippines. Aside from cost savings, clients want to gain access to a new labor pool consisting of talented and creative Animators who have excellent English communication skills and strong affinity with Western culture. Filipino Animators are no stranger to the global animation industry. In fact, local companies have played a role in several big-budget movie productions in recent years.

At MicroSourcing, our animation experience focuses mostly on Flash animation of cartoon characters. We have also done projects where we render objects in 3D and import them into Flash. Animation is a rapidly growing field in the Philippines and we are eager to take on more projects and hire more people in this field.


MicroSourcing has years of experience in the animation industry:

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