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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) consists of a number of strategies and processes aimed towards improving a website's listings in the most popular search engines. Typically, this will start with on-site optimization wherein the current website is analyzed and optimized for the keywords the website is targeting. The second step will be link building wherein the goal is to receive as many relevant inbound links to the website as possible. An optimized website with a large number of relevant inlinks will typically end up higher in the search engine results and thus attract more so-called organic traffic.

MicroSourcing has a lot of experience in SEO and online marketing, dating all the way back to the first online publication that the MicroSourcing's CEO launched in 2000. In fact, we are proud to say that we have positioned ourselves so well that a large part of our sales leads come in through our website. Our own internal online marketing team has been able to do that through years of SEO work. Our clients have picked up on our SEO capabilities and we have dozens of people working in SEO roles. Some of them are true SEO experts and are capable of defining the higher level strategies a website should follow to achieve online success. We also have large groups of people doing the 'grunt' work of SEO in terms of ranking analysis and reporting, link development, campaign analysis, etc. The SEO and online marketing industry in the Philippines is definitely taking off and luckily, there is still an abundance of talent in the market and we are capable of attracting and further developing this talent.