Proofing and Editing Outsourcing Philippines

Proofing and Editing Outsourcing

For any business to look professional, it must assure that all its materials are free from grammatical or typographical errors. Nothing looks more unprofessional than silly typos in an otherwise professional looking publication. The need to be 100% error-free is even bigger for companies that are in the actual business of creating and publishing content on behalf of their clients. Mistakes there directly impact their business. With the incredible amount of content that is being developed for print media and new media like websites, mobile services, social media and video, the worldwide demand for proofing and editing services has exploded.

MicroSourcing has been engaged in copywriting, proofing, and editing ever since our start of operations back in 2004. Most of this work were done for a variety of web publications. In 2006, we started proofing on a massive scale as part of the quality assurance process for the ad design services of a large print and media company. Any mistakes in those print ads would result in huge penalties for our client so we had to make sure that we were 100% accurate all the time.