Flash Design & Animation Outsourcing Philippines

Flash Design & Animation Outsourcing

As explained in our Graphic Design Outsourcing section, Filipinos have a passion for creative arts and because of their immersion in the Western culture, they are capable of delivering high quality creative deliverables that are perfectly suited for a Western audience. The Philippines has furthermore been an outsourcing destination for the worldwide animation industry for decades with Filipino freehand artists working for Japanese and US-based animation studios. Many of these traditional animators are now switching over to Flash as we see the animation industry adopting Flash as their new standard for the delivery of cartoons and other animations.

At MicroSourcing, we have been doing Flash design and animation since 2005. We have our roots in the web development industry so our initial work was mostly focused on creating Flash intros for websites and Flash-based navigation and content. Soon after, we ventured into instructional Flash animations wherein we used fully animated characters to demonstrate yoga poses, golf swings, snowboarding tricks, and other how-tos. More recently, we have ventured into more interactive applications of Flash with a lot of action scripting. Some examples are interactive Flash maps, picture and video players, and interactive Q&A functionality. We also have a team that creates 3D models and exports them into Flash for interactive web use.