Copywriting & Creative Writing Outsourcing Philippines

Copywriting & Creative Writing Outsourcing

The Philippines is one of the largest English-speaking countries in the world. Movies, TV shows, government, the academe, and businesses are all conducted in the English language. The Philippines used to be under US control and the country has been completely immersed in Western culture including their use of the English language. This also includes their understanding of English pop culture and modern day slang. The Philippines furthermore has great universities that provide courses in journalism, communication, and creative writing. This has made the Philippines a favorite destination for English language-based outsourcing services ranging from customer support to a wide variety of writing and proofreading processes.

One of our very first clients contracted MicroSourcing with the purpose of outsourcing the content development of their network of lifestyle websites. This engagement started in 2004 and is still ongoing and we are still the main source of the content on all their websites. We currently have more than one hundred people involved in some form of copywriting or proofing process. This ranges from pretty low level content used mainly for SEO purposes to high quality website and print media content for some pretty large publications. We also have a large team doing prepress proofing for a very large US-based ad development company.