Content Moderation Outsourcing Philippines

Content Moderation Outsourcing

Many websites and mobile services require a real-life moderator to check the content exchanges between users. Without content moderation, the website or mobile service may violate intellectual property rights or contain inappropriate content that may scare away users. By building a content moderation team around your website or mobile service, you are making sure that your service remains clean and attractive to its visitors. It's also an effective way of preventing any legal problems from inadvertently having objectionable content published on your site. As mentioned in our section on Content Writing Outsourcing, most Filipinos have excellent English language skills and are fully familiar with Western pop culture and slang. This makes them perfectly suited for work as Content Moderators.

We have a lot of experience in content moderation. One of our first clients used our services to set up a team of forum moderators. These forum moderators were there to make sure that the forums were kept clean but also to spark the website's community and encourage active membership through the organization of events and contests. Soon after, in 2005, we opened our first 24/7/365 content moderation team for an Australia- and New Zealand-based mobile phone service wherein all content was moderated prior to being sent to the recipient. Naturally, it was essential to make sure that moderation was handled 24/7/365 and real-time. After all, mobile users cannot be made to wait an hour before their message is received by the intended recipient. We currently have more than 50 people working in a wide variety of content moderation processes for a wide variety of platforms and services.