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Operational Costs Savings

The Philippines has a rapidly growing economy and is fast becoming one of Asia's most vibrant business environments. The cost of living and of doing business remain considerably lower than in most Western countries:

Business Expense Estimated Savings Comments
Salaries 60% - 80% lower A college graduate will expect to earn around $300 in base salary per month. This means about $400 in terms of total costs to the employer.
Office Rentals At least 50% lower The cost of prime office space in Manila is around $20 per sqm or $2 per foot per month excluding utilities.
Telecom 25%+ higher Telecommunication is quite expensive in the Philippines. A 30mbs internet connection will cost you about $2500 per month.
Utilities 25%+ higher The Philippines has some of the most expensive utility prices in the world. You can expect to pay at least 25% more than in your own country.

We utilize a transparent pricing model where we will charge the salary costs of your MicroSourcing team members at cost. We will also charge a fixed services fee per employee per month for all the assets and support services your team will receive in the Philippines. This services fee will be considerably lower than the overhead costs you currently have per employee in your own domestic operations.

Overall, you can achieve operational cost savings of 50-85% when comparing your domestic operations to your Philippine operations. And we make it very easy for you.