Technical Support Outsourcing Philippines

Technical Support Outsourcing

The Philippines has a large number of IT specialists. Many of them work in IT departments and technical support organizations. Their technical capabilities and great English language skills enable them to provide their services to overseas clients. The Philippines is furthermore located in the EST+12 time zone, enabling us to easily cover the night shift hours for US-based clients. This has sparked a lot of overseas companies to move part of their technical support capabilities to the Philippines. A very large part of this industry consists of call center technical support which is usually restricted to lower level technical support and troubleshooting for specific brands and systems. On the more advanced side, we are also seeing an increased number of highly specialized networking and system specialists with certifications for platforms like Cisco and Microsoft.

MicroSourcing has its roots in the web development industry and our first experience with technical support dates back to 2004 when we were responsible for the remote monitoring and maintenance of the web servers of one of our first larger clients. As our company grew, we naturally had to expand our internal IT support capabilities and as our systems and network infrastructure grew more complex, we had to increasingly invest in high level certified engineers. For our clients, we have experience in setting up technical support teams for voice, email, and chat support. We also have a number of highly specialized network administrators remotely monitoring and managing the network of their clients.