Data Processing Outsourcing Philippines

Data Processing Outsourcing

Data processing is probably one of the first processes to be successfully outsourced to offshore providers. The reason for this is that the workflow processes are relatively simple, performance is easy to measure, and cost savings can easily be achieved. Data processing can mean a lot of different things. At the lower end of the spectrum, it might mean very simple data entry work from a source file into a destination system. It can get more complicated when the data need to be found and retrieved through online research or maybe even through outbound phone calls. Another factor could be the business rules that have to be applied to the data which can range from very simple guidelines to complex decisions which require a much higher level of understanding.

The Philippines is one of the leading providers of English language data processing services. Filipinos are fluent in English and can quickly learn and follow the data processing guidelines provided by their clients. It is also relatively easy to staff a project 24/7 in the Philippines which can dramatically reduce turnaround time and costs.

At MicroSourcing, we have been doing data processing ever since our start of operations. Our first large-scale data processing project started in early 2004 and revolved around the processing of affiliate data feeds into the product database of our clients. This job requires quite a lot of training as our data processing associates need to be able to properly categorize products and make their own decisions on which items to mark as highly sellable. This project is still operational many years later. Another good example is an Australian consumer pricing company that sends us scanned images of newspapers and magazines and then assigns us with inserting the consumer pricing data found in those pages. The largest data manipulation group we have is for a large US-based directory business wherein we apply a complex set of data rules and conduct outbound phone calls to clean and enrich their listings database.