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Our transparent pricing model

Our transparent pricing model puts you in direct control over your costs in the Philippines, so you can see exactly where the value lies. We work with a fixed monthly fee per employee calculated as follows:


We charge a fixed fee per employee per month.


The total direct costs of the employee in terms of base salary, benefits, taxes and insurances.


The fee we charge for the assets and support services we provide to your operations.

Staffing Costs You Control

You can budget for your direct employee costs including: compensation package upon hiring, performance-based incentive programs and annual performance increases.

You Choose the Talent

In traditional outsourcing pricing models, a provider can increase their profit margins by hiring less qualified people and making cuts on their benefits. MicroSourcing is different. Because you set the budget, you are in control of choosing the right staff for your business. So if you want to spend more and hire the best talent – that's your decision, not ours.

No One-time Fees

We do not have any one-time fees. Your first invoice will be sent after your people start working for you and that invoice will be a simple enumeration of your Filipino staff, their direct salary costs, and our total services fee.

Let the numbers do the talking

The table below compares the average costs per month of an employee hired through MicroSourcing in the Philippines with a similar employee hired in the United States. Both reflect the total cost of having an employee, including all office space, management, support, and overhead costs.

MicroSourcing Outsourcing Pricing

*Overhead costs include all management and support costs, office rental, workstation assets, utilities, office supplies and all other overhead costs for housing and supporting an employee in the United States. We can provide you with a detailed cost comparison during our engagement process.

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