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Game Development Outsourcing


Game development is a rapidly growing discipline, especially with the rising popularity of game platforms such as PC, Mac, Xbox, Playstation, WII, iPhone/iPad, and other handheld devices. Gamers are constantly on the lookout for exciting games that will give them a great overall gaming experience. Game developers and production houses from all over the world have been raising the bar consistently for more than three decades. Game development is no longer purely the domain of programmers and especially the larger, more complex games require a wide variety of skills including graphic design, 3D modeling and animation, voice and sound recording and editing, video production, quality assurance, and testing. Once the game is ready for launch, the game developer needs the resources in place for marketing and customer support.

Game development companies can dramatically reduce the costs of game production and shorten the development project cycle by outsourcing or offshoring certain pieces of the process to an outside provider. Game development is often done in cycles wherein not all the people and resources are necessary on a continuous basis throughout the entire project, so you can really leverage the flexibility of companies like MicroSourcing to minimize your investments and long-term commitments.

MicroSourcing has significant experience in taking on smaller parts of the game development cycle, especially in the creative design and development phase. In 2011, we established our first mixed discipline offshore game development operation for a Dutch company and we are constantly growing in our capabilities to support the game development industry.


We have years of experience in taking on game development work for a wide range of clients:

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