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Direct Control over Your Offshore Operations

In traditional outsourcing arrangements, your company is shifting the delivery responsibility to a third party. In other words, you are buying the output and giving away operational control over how that output is created. There is an increasing need for companies to regain or retain full control over their operations:

Protection of intellectual property Companies that deal with sensitive data or with valuable intellectual property would rather not give a third party unsupervised access to this information. By keeping operations under your own control, you can reduce these risks.
Quality issues In traditional outsourcing, there will be an inherent conflict of interest between your company and your provider. Your provider may be tempted to increase their margins by sacrificing the quality of the output they provide. The best way to guarantee quality is to keep operations under your own control.
Regulatory changes Government and industry regulators are putting more measures in place that make it difficult for companies to outsource or sub-contract certain types of work to a third party. This is especially the case in sensitive industries such as healthcare and finance.
Client expectations Your clients may want to make sure that you are not outsourcing or sub-contracting their work to an unknown third party. They may also have strong concerns about the confidentiality and protection of their data and intellectual property. These pressures can make it difficult or impossible for you to outsource work to a third party.
Loss of know-how By outsourcing a process to a third party, your company will gradually lose the ability to execute this process internally. This is not a good situation to be in, especially if the outsourced process is part of your core business.

Our Managed Operations model will enable you to retain full control over your operations in the Philippines. If you require full ownership over your operations and directly employ your Filipino staff, then our managed captive model will help you to further expand your direct control.