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Our Talent Acquisition Capabilities

Our talent acquisition department is the engine driving MicroSourcing's success and rapid growth. Our ability to attract and retain the best talent in the Philippine labor pool is one of our key strengths. In our managed operations model, our talent acquisition capabilities are especially important for the following reasons:

  • Our clients handpick their own staff: In our model, our clients are able to screen and select the candidates they want to hire. So unlike many other outsourcing companies, staffing is not in our control. This puts pressure on our talent acquisition organization to make sure they endorse candidates who will meet your exact requirements.
  • We take all the upfront risk: Unlike many of our competitors, we do not charge any recruitment or other one-time setup fees. This means that we do not get paid a single cent until you decide to hire one of the candidates we present.
  • Diverse hiring requirements: We support a wide scope of disciplines and our clients have very diverse hiring requirements ranging from 200 call center agents to three senior .NET developers. As such, our talent acquisition department has to be capable of mass hiring and highly specific headhunting at the same time.

We have made huge investments our talent acquisition capabilities:

Professional Team We have more than 40 full-time in-house recruitment specialists working around the clock in identifying and screening the best available talent in the market. We have dedicated senior managers in charge of the sourcing, marketing, and recruitment operations.
Career Centers We operate two recruitment centers in Manila. These 'job shops' enable us to attract and process a large number of candidates in an environment that showcases MicroSourcing as an employer of choice.
Sophisticated Systems MicroSourcing has built its own cloud-based recruitment systems which manage the entire process from candidate registration to screening to job matching.
Sophisticated Screening Methods Our recruitment specialists are certified for behavioral interviewing. We have a large database of skill tests for a wide range of skills and capabilities. You can also add your own skill tests to our system if you want to do some additional screening.
Huge Candidate Database We currently have more than 35,000 candidates in our database - all have gone through our registration and screening process and have been properly categorized in terms of job profile, skills, job preferences, and salary expectations.

It has taken us many years to build our talent acquisition engine and it's one of our key competitive advantages.