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Employee Volunteering

MicroMissions considers the opinions and interests of our employees in our funding decisions. We organize nomination campaigns that allow employees to recommend and champion their non-profit organizations of choice as recipients for our funding. By participating, employees gain awareness on social and economic issues and experience the fulfillment that comes from doing good work. Over the years, strong community involvement has strengthened corporate commitment and employee engagement levels among MicroSourcing employees. MicroMissions helps employees organize their own initiatives and typically matches the donations that the employees are able to raise through their activities.

MicroSourcing CSR Donation Matching Programs

Donation Matching Programs

Our employees actively participate in fundraising programs that benefit many Filipinos. At the end of each activity, MicroSourcing doubles the total cash and in-kind donations. A recent example is the Back to School: A MicroMissions Fundraiser in June 2014 that saw a total of 1,265 employee donors raise P157,410 for scholars. MicroSourcing doubled the total cash donations and donated P150,000 to sponsor the education of 10 college scholars.

MicroSourcing CSR Employee Causes

Employee Causes

Our CSR arm considers the advocacies of our employees in funding decisions. We organize nomination campaigns that allow employees to recommend their championed non-profit organizations as recipients of funding programs. On Valentine's Day 2013, MicroSourcing hosted games and activities that raised resources for an animal welfare organization selected by employees. Volunteers then turned over the donation and spent a day helping out at an animal shelter.

MicroSourcing CSR Other Employee Interests

Other Employee Interests

We also participate in activities that promote awareness education and work around the interests of our employees. For instance, fun runs have become increasingly popular in the Philippines, typically used by organizations to promote wellness and increase people's understanding about certain issues. In 2014, MicroSourcing employees participated in the annual World Vision fun run for children's causes.

MicroSourcing CSR Thoughts from our Employees

Thoughts from our Employees

Social initiatives give back many benefits for the volunteers themselves. Our employees gain a deeper understanding of social problems that many Filipinos struggle with. Their volunteering experience also allows them to reflect and unwind while bonding with their colleagues. Read more.

Our goal is to continue our commitment to support social causes relevant to our employees and, in the process, encourage active involvement and volunteering among the entire MicroSourcing community.

How to Get Involved

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Join us when we visit our partner communities. We welcome all volunteers.

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